Wes set out to discover how two men with similar backgrounds and the same name could lead such different lives. Now, he knows there's no simple answer.

"I think raising children is complicated," Wes says. "I think particularly in this environment, and particularly for those who grow up in the most precarious communities, it is a very challenging and daunting prospect to raise a child."

Wes credits his family and mentors for his success. "I was so fortunate and lucky to have people in my life who said: 'You know what, Wes? We're going to get you across that finish line, kicking and screaming if we need to. But we're going to get you across that finish line,'" he says. "They were there for support. They were there to give my mother the leverage that she needed."

Education also played a major role in his life. "I think education taught me critical thinking. I think education showed me a world I never knew existed," Wes says. "My grandfather used to say that education is like a skeleton key. If you can get that skeleton key, it can open any door."


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