After exchanging dozens of letters, Wes decided to visit the other Wes Moore in prison. "Having the chance to actually see and sit across from the other Wes Moore was something that was just a completely surreal experience," he says.

At first, Wes says they were cautious around each other. "We were telling each other answers that we thought the other person wanted to hear," he says. Then, Wes' questions got more pointed and poignant.

Wes asked the other Wes Moore things like, "When did you first know you were a man?"

"The time he first realized [he was a man] was when he felt like there were actually other responsibilities that he had on his shoulders," Wes says. "Then, I remember him throwing the question back at me, and it was a question I hadn't even really fully thought about yet. I think both of us were talking about ... not having fathers in the home."

The only difference? The other Wes Moore said his father chose not to be in his life, while Wes' father died.

Since that first meeting, Wes has returned to Jessup Correctional Institution more than two dozen times. He's come to know the man who shares his name, as well as this man's friends and family.


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