After 12 days on the run, the Moore brothers were captured. To avoid the death penalty, Tony pled guilty to the shooting and was sentenced to life in prison.

The other Wes Moore, a career criminal, claimed he was not at the murder scene, but he eventually was found guilty of first-degree felony murder.

Wes says he was haunted by his criminal counterpart's story. "It was something I couldn't escape," he says. "It was something that just kept on eating at me. I knew I just had to learn more, and I had to understand: How did this happen? How did two kids from similar neighborhoods, from similar type of backgrounds, end up in completely different places?"

Years later, after Wes finished his time at Oxford and began a career in finance, he decided to reach out to the other Wes Moore. "I said: 'You know what? The fact that this is still eating at me means I need to do something about it,'" he says.


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