The similarities are striking. Two boys from Maryland were raised by single mothers in rough neighborhoods. Surrounded by drug dealers, gun violence and gang activity, each man struggled to make a name for himself. The name? Wes Moore.

These men may share a name, but they had very different destinies. One Wes Moore is a Rhodes Scholar, a White House fellow and a Wall Street hotshot. The other Wes Moore was convicted of killing a police sergeant and will spend the rest of his days in a 6-by-8-foot prison cell.

"When you hear this story, it's going to turn the way you think about free will and fate upside down," Oprah says.

In 2005, these men met for the first time and began to explore how their lives diverged so drastically. Wes, an Army-veteran-turned-author, shares their experiences in his first book, The Other Wes Moore.


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