They might be three of the most popular actors in the world, but on a typical Saturday night, Robert, Taylor and Kristen aren't living it up at Hollywood hot spots. Most nights, they stay out of the spotlight all together.

If you peered into his window on Saturday night, Robert says you'd see him sitting at home, trying to make plans. "[I'd] probably be desperately calling up everyone in my phone book," he says. "[Seeing if] anyone I had ever met was doing something, because no one would have called me."

Since Kristen isn't home very often, she says she'd choose to spend Saturday night with a special fellow—her cat, Max. "I'm obsessed with my cat," she says. "[We] have a very Edward-and-Bella relationship; it's, like, very co-dependent with my cat."

If it were Tuesday or Wednesday night, Taylor says he knows exactly what he would be doing—watching American Idol. "Sunday I'd be watching Celebrity Apprentice," he says. "Saturday's a little difficult for me. I don't know. I'm bored on Saturdays. ... Most likely I'm just spending time at home. I'm seeing if anybody wants to hang out with me too."


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