Kristen, the 20-year-old star who plays Bella, has been acting since she was 8 years old. Before landing her life-changing role in The Twilight Saga, Kristen starred in movies like Panic Room, In the Land of Women and Into the Wild.

She may have more acting experience than her co-stars, but when it comes time to do an interview, Kristen says she get nervous and is notoriously shy. But Kristen says she's just trying to choose her words carefully because she's come to understand how important this series is to the fans.

"This means a lot to you guys, and it's the same deal for me," she says. "I understand that your words have weight, and I mince them when I know everybody's waiting for them."

When Kristen steps in front of the camera and becomes Bella, she says she lets go of herself more than she has in past roles.

"I feel like I probably bring more of myself to Bella than I have to any character, but that's all I can do," she says. "You really project yourself onto her because it's a very vicarious read. I mean, you are her. And I can also completely relate to the fact that she's totally awkward but that she owns it. She's not going to say anything she doesn't mean."


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