Oprah always wonders about the people who live near the studio.

Have you ever wondered how your neighbors live? Oprah does! Harpo Studios has been in the same location for years, and she has never met the people next door—until now.

"Almost every day upstairs, I'm sitting at my desk, I look out my office window at a building that's right across the street from me, and I wonder, 'Who lives over there? What are they doing?'" she says.
Adrianne and Scott give Oprah a tour of their home.

To keep Oprah's visit a secret, neighbors Adrianne and Scott are told that Oprah Show producers want to stop by—instead they receive a big surprise. When they answer the door, they are greeted by Oprah herself! "We've lived here for nine years, and we're so glad we're finally meeting you," Adrianne says.

Adrianne and Scott's beautiful home was once a Nabisco bakery—and their entire kitchen used to be one gigantic oven!

Watch Watch Oprah's grand tour of her neighbors' apartment.

The spacious house is also very organized. In fact, Adrianne and Scott call themselves "neat freaks." "We have a place for everything," says Adrianne.

And, while Oprah has never been to their home before, one of her friends has—Nate Berkus created the interior design! "When we moved to Chicago, I saw some of the things that he did [in local magazines], and I really liked him," she says. "So I called him up!"
Oprah gives Adrianne and Scott champagne for their next party.

After their day together, Oprah is surprised to find out that Scott has never been to a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show—even though it's right across the street! "All the time I see the line of women lined around in the morning, and every morning I hear them when I get up," he says.

Oprah decides to return their hospitality by inviting the couple to a taping of the show. And she has one more surprise. "I believe that whenever you visit somebody's house, you're supposed to take some kind of gift," Oprah says. "I had a present for you, and then when I walked in and saw that house, how neat it was, I thought it would add too much clutter to your house."

Oprah decided to swap her original gift with something she is sure Scott and Adrianne will love—a case of Dom Pérignon champagne for their next party!
Gayle busts a move in Tweetie's dance class.

Oprah's best friend, Gayle King, loves to dance—but she's stuck in a rut! "Ever since I've known her, she's been dancing the same way," Oprah says. "Her moves are stuck in junior high school."

To learn a new groove, Gayle enrolls in a hip-hop dance lesson at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City. "I've decided how I'd like to live my life is to be a decent dancer on the floor," she says. "I'm not even saying I have to be great, just decent."

Gayle's dance instructor is Tweetie, a choreographer who has worked with some of the best artists in hip-hop, including Jay-Z, Destiny's Child and Fergie. Soon Gayle is working up a sweat!

While she says she might have been the oldest person in the class, Gayle wasn't embarrassed at all. "I don't know how to do it, [but] I want to learn how to do it. So why should I feel humiliated because I want to learn something new?" she says.
Tweetie teaches the audience a few hip-hop moves.

To help the audience get in on the newest moves, Tweetie holds dance class right on the Oprah stage—and a few audience members admit they need it! Adam calls himself "the wedding reception dancer" and Danielle says her favorite move is inspired by MC Hammer!

Watch Learn hip-hop dance moves with Oprah and Gayle.

Oprah, Gayle and the audience all learn some basic steps to update their dancing style, starting with "snap your fingers," a move created by Lil Jon. "In the club, if you're hip-hopping [and] that's the only move you have, you can do that all night to the beat," Tweetie says.

They also learn Digital Underground's "humpty hump," DJ Webstar and Young B's "chicken noodle soup" and Yung Joc's "motorcycle." Then they put some of the moves together for the ultimate hip-hop routine. "I'm taking this to my next wedding!" Adam says.