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In his book Frank Rich asks, has there ever been a direct link between al-Qaeda and Iraq?

He responds:
No. No direct operational link, and that's been said by the 9/11 Commission itself. ...

In 2003, Colin Powell made his case for war at the United Nations and presented evidence of weapons of mass destruction in the country that later proved false.

Oprah: What impact do you think that had on the nation?

Frank: I think it had dramatic impact because he's a very credible, honorable guy, and it was very graphic. It was made for television. He had a vial with anthrax in it and photos.

Oprah: Yeah. I certainly believed Colin Powell.

Frank: I did, too...a lot of people did.

Oprah: Do you now think that his presentation was not truthful?

Frank: [Colin Powell] now says it's a blot on his record. ... He was fed this intelligence.