In October 2006, Time Magazine together with The Oprah Winfrey Show asked America the same questions raised by Frank Rich's book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold? in an exclusive nation-wide poll. How do your views compare?

  1. Overall, do you think the Bush administration has been more honest and trustworthy than most other presidential administrations, less trustworthy and honest, or about the same?

    More honest and trustworthy 16%
    Less honest and trustworthy 40%
    About the same 42%

    The Poll finds that 4 in 10 Americans describe the Bush Administration as "less honest and trustworthy" than other presidential administrations, while only 16% term the administration "more honest and trustworthy." Another 42% say the Bush administration is about the same as others. This is little changed from polls conducted in late 2005 and early 2006.

  2. Do you think the United States was right or wrong in going to war with Iraq?

    Right 39%
    Wrong 52%
    Don't know 8%

    A majority, 52%, continue to say that the war was "wrong," while 39% say the U.S. was right to go to war. Both numbers have only changes slightly from June 2006.

  3. Do you think President Bush was truthful and honest, based on the intelligence he was given, when presented the case for war in Iraq, or do you think he deliberately misled Americans to build his case for war?

    Truthful and honest 41%
    Deliberately misled 52%
    Don't know 6%

    A majority of Americans (52%) now believe that President Bush "deliberately misled" Americans to build his case for the Iraq war. This percent is up four points from late last year. Only 41% now believe that the President was "truthful and honest" based on the intelligence he was given, which is down four points from late last year.


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