Of all the Trump children, the one most people know the least about is Tiffany, Donald's daughter with his second wife, Marla. Tiffany—named after the iconic jewelry store—has grown up away from the spotlight. She lives quietly with her mother in Los Angeles, but Donald and Marla agreed that it's time for the world to meet her. 

Meet 17-year-old Tiffany, and see what her day-to-day life is like. Watch

Tiffany is passionate about music, but she says her first priority is getting into a good college. "I've always been grounded," she says. "I've always been raised with that sense of morals from my dad and my mother both. It's given me a chance to grow up being Tiffany, not necessarily Tiffany Trump."

Living away from her famous father and siblings has given Tiffany the chance to be a typical teen. "It was great for me getting a chance to grow up as a normal kid just out of the spotlight, versus all of them growing up in New York," she says. "They always had that intense media and spotlight on them."

Donald says one of the things he's most proud of is how Tiffany treats other people. "She really is a terrific student, but more importantly, whenever we get the report card, the teachers write that she is the nicest person," he says. "Every one of them say, 'Tiffany's marks are an A, but more importantly, she's one of the nicest students we've ever had.'"


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