Donald is more than a successful businessman—he's also a matchmaker. Donald Jr. and his wife Vanessa have been married five years, and they have Donald to thank.

Vanessa says she was at a fashion show when Donald came up to her. "He said, 'Hi, this is my son, Donald Trump Jr.,'" she says. "It was a little awkward at first, but it ended up being the best setup job."

Although Donald Jr. says he had "zero intentions" of getting married at the time, he couldn't deny that his father picked the right woman. "It wasn't like I asked him to do it, but it ended up working out great because we spent the next six months talking about how awkward that moment was, and she realized I wasn't a total jerk," he jokes.

Donald says when he first saw Vanessa, he knew she was perfect for his son. "She looked so beautiful," he says. "I said, 'Don, that's the person that you should marry.'"


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