In October 2009, the Trumps welcomed a new member into the family when Ivanka married 28-year-old publishing executive Jared Kushner. The lavish wedding included a 6-foot tall wedding cake and a star-studded, 500-person guest list. "She had a budget—it was unlimited, and she exceeded it," Donald jokes.

Ivanka says each day is better than the last with her husband. "I love being married, and I'm very fortunate to have found the right man," she says.

Ivanka and Jared are ready for the next step in their relationship—in January 2011 Ivanka announced she's pregnant! "The next generation!" she says. Ivanka is about five months along, but she says she doesn't know the sex of the baby just yet.

This will be Donald's third grandchild, but he says he's still not used to being called "grandpa." "It's an unusual word," he says. "I was never in love with that word."

"I love Donald saying it's an unusual word," Oprah says. "It's not!"


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