Ivanka says she always knew she and her siblings would one day follow in their father's footsteps. "I think generally speaking, all of us from a young age really wanted to be in the family business and were excited about it," she says.

As children, Donald Jr. says the kids spent a lot of time in Dad's office. "He's a business guy first and foremost, so we spent a lot of time with him, but it was always in a business context," he says. "He'd negotiate a contract, and we'd be playing on the floor listening to this go on. We'd follow him around job sites."

Although we're used to seeing Donald on television shows like The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice shouting "You're fired," Ivanka says her father isn't really like that. "He's a phenomenal boss," she says. "There's not a tremendous amount of yelling. With that said, he does not appreciate mediocrity. He expects excellence from everyone that works for him, and that includes his children—so it's a high bar."

Although growing up with a successful father can be a lot of pressure, Donald Jr. says he doesn't always feel the need to prove himself. "I think there's an element of that. That said, there's probably no shortage of confidence in the Trump family," he jokes.


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