Donald has been married to Melania for six years, and he says this marriage is different than his first two. "I really think that we have a very good friendship," he says. "We've had a very good relationship and a really great friendship."

Marrying Donald meant taking on the famous Trump name, but Melania says she's still the same person she was before saying "I do." "I was always myself," she says. "I know who I am, and no matter what my last name is, I am who I am."

Over the years, Melania says she's developed great respect for her husband. "To be married to my husband, you need to be very smart, quick. You need to be very independent in a way," she says. 

Marrying Melania meant blending a new family together, but Donald says it wasn't difficult. "I think Melania made it a lot easier because she's really very smart, and she understands life and she understood what she was coming into. I think she made a concerted effort to get along with the kids," he says. "We were helped by the fact that I never left anyone for Melania. ... When you leave for somebody, it's very hard to blend that family, but I never left [anyone] for Melania. I was a single guy [when] I met Melania. The kids liked her right away."


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