The very first time Truddi realized she wasn't living alone was when she heard a small child's voice calling out. "I said to myself: 'My God, I know that I talk to myself, but I'm hearing this voice. What is this?' And then that stopped, thank God. But shortly after that, like you woke up one morning and in the bedroom it was all gritty and grey and you looked around and they were all there. Except the mind is so kind to you, it gave you the impression of there being only seven. And as we went on in therapy and you realize the number was growing, you said, 'Boy, I must really be crazy.'"

Truddi says her personalities don't always know one another, and not all 92 of her "troops" are active. "Some of them are so damaged they kind of stay back in the shadows," she says. "They don't give their names; they don't come out. It's only lately that we're getting shreds and pieces from each one of them."


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