After their conversation, Troy believes the pair should be reunited. "Doug was able to document to me everything he'd attempted. And, bless his heart, with the limited resources he had, he did what he knew to do to try and find Cindy," he says. "That man is one walking heart. He has so much love in him."

The next morning, Doug and Cindy are reunited for the first time in 20 years. Doug says he had given up on ever seeing his daughter again. "But I never had given up hope that she was okay and she was doing good," he says. "Even though I found out she's not doing the greatest, I'm still happy to be with her."

As a condition of the reunion, Troy made Doug promise to talk to Cindy every day—and he's gone above and beyond that promise. "My dad has actually moved in with me and takes me to all of my doctor's visits," Cindy says. "It's been great having him with me."

Cindy admits feeling angry about the time she lost with her dad, but says she's choosing to focus on the now. "When I was diagnosed, I was given six to nine months to live, and I actually passed that. I am now going on a year and a half of doing chemo," she says. "I feel that every day for me is a miracle."


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