With limited information, Troy tracks down an aunt, who helped him find Cindy's father, Doug. Before letting Doug back in Cindy's life, Troy wants the full story. "I have a great deal of love and respect for daughters and how sensitive and fragile they can be. I will not bring a deadbeat dad back into a young lady's life," he says. "It's important to me that they prove they made some effort to find them or they have a dag-gum good reason why they've been missing. And if they convince me of that, then I will do this."

Doug tells Troy the whole story, starting with Cindy's mother. "We got married when I was in the military," he says. "By the time I got home, she was gone."

Doug says he wasn't allowed to see Cindy when she was born. "I didn't get to see Cindy until she was, like, 11, 12 years old," he says.

After Cindy and her mother moved, Doug says he tried to find his daughter. "With her mother and her family, there was no hope. I couldn't get information from anybody," he says. "I want to be able to be in her life. I want to be able to see her. I want to be able to talk to her and hold her. Let her know her daddy loves her."


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