One of the biggest mistakes in finding a lost loved one, Troy says, is waiting too long. "The hardest calls I have to make are to tell somebody, ... 'The good news is I found them, and the bad news is they passed in an accident six months ago,'" he says. "If you wait for timing to be everything, you'll end up with nothing."

It's a lesson a mother of four named Cindy knows too well. Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, doctors have given Cindy only months to live. "I want to find my dad more than anything in the world because I feel like I have a part of me missing," she says.

Cindy says her parents split up before she was born. She was 12 years old the first time she met her dad. Just as she got to know her father, Cindy's mother left town with her. "I can remember him backing out, and I saw his car," she says. "I never saw him again, and I want to know why."


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