One year after their emotional reunion, Mary and Tamisha are like family once again. "Blood is not thicker than water," Troy says. "Who loves you when you need them? That's your family."

Mary has been able to leave her feelings of guilt behind. "When I saw her, she looked so well," she says. "It kind of helped me to release a lot of the concerns."

Tamisha also says she's been able to put her feelings of rejection to rest. Though she adjusted to her new family, Tamisha says she never forgot her first home. "One thing that we do as women, we just keep going. Life doesn't stop around you," she says. "Every now and then, I'd have little flashbacks of my life. Especially when you're in school, kids talk about their experiences growing up or teachers will ask for pictures of your childhood, and I just didn't have those things like the other kids did."

Now, Tamisha looks and feels better than ever. "My confidence has gone up," she says. "I've just become an active participant in life."

Troy says that's no surprise. "I'm always telling people, 'You cannot find peace until you find all the pieces,'" he says. "It still brings you this sense of calmness and understanding—why you are, where you came from, where you can go."


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