After speaking with Tamisha, Troy gives Mary an update. "When we started talking about the day that she was taken from your home it is almost like this 32-year-old young lady turns back into a little 7-year-old girl," he says. "It was the worst day of her life."

But that's not the only news Troy has for Mary—Tamisha has traveled back with him.

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Mary bursts into tears, embraces Tamisha and tells her what she's wanted to say for 25 years. "We never stopped looking for you," she says. "I never stopped loving you. I carried that day all my life."

Tamisha tells Mary how she felt when Troy found her. "When they told me that you were looking for me, it made me feel like you don't want to throw me away," she says. "It took a long time for me to call my mother that I'm with Mom. You were my mom."

"Yes," Mary says. "I still am."


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