Think of a loved one you've lost touch with. What's holding you back from making the first move—and what happens if that person is long gone by the time you've found your nerve?

Investigator Troy Dunn is the master of unfinished business. Twenty years ago, he started his career with a case close to his heart—searching for his mother's birth parents. Since then, Troy says he's brought nearly 40,000 people back together. Now Troy's tracking down birth moms and dads, old friends and missing relatives on WE tv's The Locator. Part-detective, part-therapist, Troy helps people make peace with the past.

When it comes to lost loved ones, Troy says people need to realize time does not heal all wounds. "Any wound left untreated can grow worse," he says. "Sometimes to protect ourselves, we decide we don't really want that person in our life anyway because they're not worthy of us, or they hurt us, or we believe some version of the story that may not be true—until eventually we've said it so many times it's become fact and we've created an inability to move forward. Our wound has created paralysis."


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