Many times after a show tapes, Oprah settles in for a chat with the audience members. One audience member she says she'll never forget is Tommy, who told her his hilarious story of facing down his childhood bully with nothing but his pink Cinderella lunch box.

Watch Tommy tell Oprah the story   

After posting the clip of Tommy on, it went viral. Since then, Tommy says he has had a wild ride and has turned a childhood memory into a catalyst for change. "I've been speaking to different groups since that time and with the gay community," Tommy says. "We're trying to get a halt to this bullying."

What's more, Tommy says he ran into the bully at a recent high school reunion. "He apologized, and I accepted his apology," he says.

Oprah says when she told Tommy's story to filmmaker Tyler Perry, she said everyone needs a pink Cinderella lunch box in their life. So, Tyler sent a pink Cinderella lunch box to Oprah.

"I'm going to send it on to you," Oprah tells Tommy.

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