The surgery to remove Billy's blood clot was successful. After recovering from his blood clot removal, Billy had gastric sleeve surgery, which removed 80 percent of his stomach. So far, Billy's lost 300 pounds!

Billy says his life has completely changed—he's moving easier and eating better. "Getting up and down out of small places is easy. I can fit into a truck easily," he says. "I eat completely different. I get up and move around. I don't eat takeout, fatty foods, none of that."

Billy says he doesn't blame anyone but himself for his situation. "I took [the food] in my hand and I ate it," he says. "No one ever forced it down my throat. I ate it willingly."

Billy says he hopes other people will learn from his story. "When you see people in a situation like that, a lot of people snicker and make judgments. Don't judge a person by that, because there's a lot of roads that lead to where I was," he says. "[If you're] making them feel bad about themselves and making fun of them, you're just making them feel horrible. [It] never, never makes the situation any better."


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