Barbara says she knows she's spoiling Billy by letting him eat whatever he wants. "It's hard saying no to your child when they want something to eat," she says. "It gets tiring, but everything I do for him, it's all out of love. It's what mamas do."

Barbara says the death of her first son, Matthew, has influenced how she parents Billy. "[Matthew] lived 19 months and he died. Six more years, Billy came along," she says. "I wanted to make sure he had everything that Matt didn't have or Matt didn't have the opportunity to have along the way, and I just thought that was food and that was clothes and that was toys and games."

Now, Barbara says she understands she's enabling Billy. "God knows if I had it to do over again, I would love him just as much, but I would change everything," she says. "Our eating habits would be where I start, number one. And I would make sure that junior went to summer camp and that he was active in all types of sports."

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