After seeing his brother struggle, Jake says he sometimes feels guilty that he's doing really well, but he knows the transition was the right decision for him.

At this time, Jake is legally a man, but he has not had sexual reassignment surgery. "The technology really is not there yet. It's really easy to take a penis and—it's going to make all the guys cringe when I say this—cut it in half and tuck it in," he says. "[But ] how do you make a penis from a vagina?"

Jake says his partner, a man who identifies himself as gay, loves him the way he is, so there's no pressure to undergo the surgery. "He loves what I have," Jake says. "We have sex like a heterosexual couple would have sex. But he's fine with it because he loves me."

Though he doesn't like to label his sexuality, Jason says he's open to dating both men and women. "The way that Mom raised us was to love someone more for their soul than for their body," he says. "We're not into the categorizing and the labels. ... You love someone for them, and not their gender and not their genitals."

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