For 19-year-old Jake, life is great. "I'm in college, and I'm just living life," he says. "I'm going out, and I'm finding out so much more about myself."

After Oprah first met Jake in 2007, he did some soul searching and realized he's attracted to men. "I have a boyfriend, and we've been together for a year," he says. "I have never felt more male than I do now."

Jake has come to terms with his gender identity, but during the process, he says his relationship with his younger brother has fallen apart. "I should have taken more time to stop and tell my parents: 'I'm fine for right now. Pay attention to my brother,'" Jake says. "He got jealous of attention I got, and no one ever asked how he was doing. No one ever asked how he felt. It triggered him into a downward spiral of his own."

In 2009, Jason was diagnosed with anorexia and dropped down to 109 pounds. "The anorexia definitely had a lot to do with my family," he says. "Everything felt so chaotic and out of control, which really contributed to starting to control what I eat so that I could feel like I had some control over my life."

Jason says he never felt unloved...just unnoticed. "[I felt] kind of invisible, and, eventually, I just stopped reaching out," he says. "Everyone else was too busy with Jake."


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