Willie comforts Charlie

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Charlie says he still remembers every moment of the crash and its aftermath. "Every time you close your eyes in the day, every time you start your car, every time you get out of bed...it's still there," Charlie says through tears.

Before they found Teddy's body, Dick says Charlie "lived through hell" thinking he hadn't found his little brother inside the plane. "It wasn't until they found Teddy's body did [Charlie] know that he had done everything he possibly could do," Dick says.

The worst moment, Charlie remembers, came minutes after the plane exploded.

"What will be the worst moment in my entire life—I don't care what else happens—I had my cell phone on me, and I had to call my mom," Charlie says. "She was in the mountains, and I said, 'Mom, you've got to come back. The plane crashed. I got dad, but I can't find Ted, and I need you to help.' She was an hour away, and I remember thinking as I made the phone call, she's going to drive for an hour not knowing anything else but these three sentences I just told her."