The Ebersol family: Dick, Susan, Willie, Teddy, Harmony, Sunshine and Charlie

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Dick Ebersol and Susan Saint James are a Hollywood power couple. He's the president of NBC Sports and co-creator of Saturday Night Live. She's an Emmy-winning actress who's best known for her starring role in the '80s sitcom Kate & Allie.

They met in 1981 when Susan first hosted SNL, and just six weeks later, they were married. Dick and Susan's family, which included Susan's two children from a previous marriage, quickly grew. They welcomed three sons—Charlie, Willie and, the baby of the family, Teddy—into the world.

After Teddy's birth in 1990, Susan put her acting career on hold and devoted her time to being a full-time mom. In November 2004, the tight-knit clan gathered together in California to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family.