Kevin Granata was killed while trying to help others.

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Kevin Granata, a professor of engineering science and mechanics, was a top researcher in his field and the father of three young children. Reports say Kevin was shot in a hallway as he came out of his office. "We know that he left his office and went out in the hallway to help other wounded students and that was when he was shot," Kevin's mother Millie says. "Had he probably stayed in his office or lab, he wouldn't have gotten shot and he wouldn't have been Kevin. He was the type of person that if you needed him, he went."

Millie says she and her daughter, Eileen, waited at home to hear from Kevin on the day of the shootings. "I kept calling and I knew that something was wrong because he wasn't calling me back. So we decided to come and find him ourselves," Millie says. "And we were ready to leave about 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. when his wife had come over to the campus and found out that he had been shot and that he was dead."