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Despite his apology, there are still points of contention between Jennifer and Royal Caribbean. For instance, Goldstein disputes that the crime scene was treated improperly: He says that the FBI, U.S. Consulate and Turkish authorities were all involved. Jennifer says the FBI was not involved in any authoritative way. In fact, she says, the FBI agent in question was on vacation at the time and took time out of his vacation to assist Jennifer. "He helped me so much that day," she says. "He carried all my bags and did everything."

Jennifer also has a difficult relationship with George's family: his father, George III; mother, Maureen; and sister, Bree.

"She hasn't told us everything I think she possibly could have," George III has said.

Maureen agrees, saying, "She has stated that the FBI has requested that she keeps certain things from that evening quiet. So that could be the reason."

Jennifer says she mourns everything about the future with her husband that will not be. "George [was] George IV. There should have been a George V and George VI." Jennifer still struggles with guilt. "Why wasn't I there to protect George? Why wasn't I there in that room?"