Jennifer and Adam Goldstein

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Jennifer says she has been hurt by statements Royal Caribbean has made claiming they went out of their way to make her feel comfortable. Jennifer says she was offered CDs, magazines and a sedative. On her list of "callous" treatment by Royal Caribbean, Jennifer says that though her father was promised that she would be escorted from the ship with security guards, her only contact was with a woman from guest relations. Jennifer also says she had to spend the day in Turkey waiting for a wire transfer from her parents in order to pay for her flight home. Then, upon arriving home, she received a bill from Royal Caribbean for George's room.

Jennifer says what bothers her most is that she feels she never received an appropriate apology from Royal Caribbean. "I think it's so much more admirable just to say, 'I'm not sure we did everything right. ... I wished we had done, maybe, things differently,'" Jennifer says. "Just admit some wrongdoing."

Goldstein offered regret for the treatment Jennifer received. "I am sorry if some of the things we came forward with in terms of the assistance we provided seemed trivial to you because that certainly wasn't the intention," he says. "I think we could have communicated better on a very disoriented day, and absolutely we should have paid for your air ticket home."

And in an apology, he says, "We did the best that we could, that we knew how to do, in a situation we had not encountered before. ... There wasn't anything that we could do that would have been enough. I am sorry, on behalf of the 40,000 people at Royal Caribbean, that we were not able to render you as much assistance and comfort as you would like to have had on that terrible day."