Billy Crystal

15. Billy Crystal
Funnyman Billy Crystal has been making Oprah and her viewers laugh since Season 2 of The Oprah Show. On his first of 15 appearances, Billy used his "shtick" to promote Comic Relief, a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless. Since then, this celebrated comedian has returned to Oprah's stage to joke about everything from hosting the Oscars® to life as a dotting grandfather.
Will Smith

15 (tie). Will Smith
Sometimes he's serious and other times he's hilarious...but he's always charming. Will Smith, one of the most powerful men in show business, has made 15 Oprah Show appearances since 1997. This celebrated actor, rapper, loving husband and father of three übertalented children isn't just a sit-and-talk type of guest—he likes to get involved. In 2005, Will even helped a few single guys score dates. 
Tyra Banks and Oprah

13. Tyra Banks
Supermodel and fashion mogul Tyra Banks made her Oprah Show debut in 1996—her first of 16 appearances! Over the years, Tyra has shared fabulous fashion tips, made over deserving teens and helped moms who needed little pick-me-ups. Together Oprah and Tyra also tackled tough subjects facing young women, like teen dating violence, sibling rivalry and broken hearts.
Tom Cruise

13 (tie). Tom Cruise
During his 16 appearances, Tom Cruise has made quite an impression on viewers—especially one fan named Nancy!

Watch Nancy's laugh-out-loud reaction to a surprise from Tom Watch  

This was just one of Tom's many memorable Oprah Show moments. Who can forget Tom's "jump for joy" on Oprah's couch? Or how about Oprah's candid interview with Tom at his Telluride, Colorado, home? This Hollywood A-lister always left us wanting more.
Maria Shriver

13 (tie). Maria Shriver
Just like her late parents Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Maria Shriver is changing the world, one person at a time. Oprah and Maria, both former journalists, have been friends for decades, and this connection was evident during Maria's 16 appearances.

Over the years, Maria has shared her wisdom and grace with the audience, and spoken out about important topics like Alzheimer's disease and the September 11 terrorist attacks. She has also empowered young people to be their best selves. "To kind of become your own person was, and is continuing to be, a challenge. I see that even for my own kids, and I think every kid is entitled to be who they are," Maria said in April 2008.
Tina Turner

13 (tie). Tina Turner
Oprah has been a big fan of music legend Tina Turner for decades—she even sported Tina's signature hairstyle and danced with her on stage!

Since 1990, Tina has made 16 appearances on The Oprah Show, often times to help make viewers' wildest dreams come true. But, in January 2004, Tina turned the tables on Oprah and performed at Oprah's surprise 50th birthday bash.
Jim Carrey and Oprah

9. Jim Carrey
When funnyman Jim Carrey appeared on The Oprah Show, Oprah never knew what to expect! Jim has been making our audiences laugh out loud for more than 15 years, and during his 18 appearances, he's chatted about everything from his hit comedies to his spiritual side.

In 2008, Jim got serious and opened up about the lessons he learned from Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth
Barbara Walters

9 (tie). Barbara Walters
Arguably the most famous interviewer in television history, journalist Barbara Walters has been breaking boundaries for more than a half century. And, since the beginning of Oprah's career, Barbara has been an inspiration. Whether she's praising news colleagues like Bryant Gumbel or Ted Koppel or speaking about her own revelations, Barbara has been a voice of wisdom on The Oprah Show.

One of the highlights of Barbara's 18 appearances was when Barbara and her co-hosts on The View came to The Oprah Show

Go behind the scenes at The View! Watch  
John Travolta and Oprah

7. John Travolta
John Travolta made his 20th Oprah Show appearance in September 2010 when he danced Oprah onto the stage for her farewell season premiere...and helped surprise 302 Ultimate Viewers with a trip to Australia!

Look back at some of our favorite John Travolta moments

Over the years, this actor and humanitarian has also shown heart. From his touching toast at Oprah's 50th birthday party to his Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, John never let Oprah and her viewers down. 
Julia Roberts

6. Julia Roberts
With her megawatt smile and infectious laugh, it's no wonder why award-winning actress Julia Roberts has been on the Oprah Show 21 times. Since Julia's first appearance in 1989, she's become a wife, a mother of three and a dear friend of Oprah's.

Oprah and Julia have made a lot of great memories over the years, like Julia's best friend's makeover and Julia's first interview with Tom Hanks!

Fun fact: Did you know Oprah and Julia were in a movie together? Find out which one!
Patti LaBelle

6 (tie). Patti LaBelle
Legendary singer/songwriter Patti LaBelle has graced us with her powerhouse voice 21 times since her first appearance in 1991. One of Patti's most moving Oprah Show moments was when she paid tribute to Luther Vandross after he passed away in 2005.

Patti gave us another memorable performance in 2008 when she surprised an unsuspecting fan. Win, a man who described himself as "the biggest Patti LaBelle fan ever," thought he was serenading his wife, Vickie, for Valentine's Day, but he never expected his music idol to join in!

Mariah Carey

4. Mariah Carey
Pop superstar Mariah Carey has been no stranger to The Oprah Show—she's been featured 22 times! Mariah has helped make many viewers' dreams come true, and in 2005, she coached one of her biggest fans, 12-year-old Paul, through his first recording session. Paul ended up landing a record deal, and Mariah signed on as the producer!

Oprah has also recognized Mariah's history-making accomplishments in the music industry. In 2008, Mariah topped the charts with her 18th number one hit, breaking a record previously held by the one-and-only Elvis Presley.

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Halle Berry

4 (tie). Halle Berry
Halle Berry, the first African-American woman to win an Oscar® for Best Actress, has been a fixture on The Oprah Show for more than 15 years. During her 22 appearances, Halle has used this platform to discuss everything from motherhood to racism and interracial adoption. She also unveiled her baby bump on Oprah's stage in October 2007!
Chris Rock and Oprah

2. Chris Rock
His cutting commentary finds the funny in even the most taboo topics, which is why Chris Rock, an Emmy-winning comedian, devoted husband and loving father, never runs out of material. Chris has appeared on The Oprah Show 26 times, and over the years, he's teased Oprah about her hair—"Oh, that lucky Stedman!"—promoted box-office hits and revealed what it's really like to host the Academy Awards®.

Chris doesn't just have a great sense of humor—he also has a big heart. In 2005, cameras followed along as Chris visited the Houston Food Bank after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and left millions homeless.

Relive some of Chris' funniest moments
Celine Dion

1. Celine Dion
Only one celebrity will go down in history as having the most appearances on the show—music superstar Celine Dion! She's been part of a whopping 27 shows since 1996.

Look back at Celine's 27 appearances

Though her voice made her an international superstar, Celine's charm won viewers' hearts. In the past 15 years, Celine has shared some of her most intimate moments—from falling in love with husband René to bringing her first child and miracle twins into the world—and she's surprised adoring fans. In February 2011, Celine stopped by Oprah's studio one last time to say au revoir.