While staying with the Cokers, Nikki made up a story about who she was and why she was running. Vince and Karen say they didn't believe her, but they knew she needed help. They ended up buying Nikki a bus ticket to California, where her mother, Lisa, was living.

When Nikki arrived at her mother's house, she discovered that her mother was still being controlled by Alamo and his followers.

"I received a phone call from Tony himself," Lisa says. "Tony told me to have [Nikki] arrested. I said, 'Tony, I can't do that.'"

Instead, Lisa packed up her daughter's possessions and told her to go away. "[It was] one of the saddest moments of my entire life," Nikki says. "She put me on the bus, and it absolutely broke my heart."

Alamo allowed Lisa to give Nikki $50 and a bus ticket. "I went all over the country for about three months trying to find somewhere to stay," she says.

Today, Lisa is no longer a member of Alamo's church, and looking back, she says she should have done something to protect her daughter. "I believe I was out of my mind to let it happen like that," Lisa says.


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