Despite what she'd been taught all her life, Nikki says she also felt that Alamo's manipulation and teachings were wrong. "I thought, 'If this is heaven and this is what's going to get me to heaven, I'm going to have to go to hell,'" she says.

Nikki says that in 1999, after she realized she would become Alamo's next spiritual wife, she took action. Although Alamo had taught her to fear the outside world, she found the courage inside herself to run.

One afternoon, Nikki says she fled the compound. She eluded Alamo's security guards by running through thick brush for hours. "He sent every person out to look up and down the highways," Nikki says. "They went through every store, every fast food place."

After running for miles through the woods, Nikki was exhausted and terrified. Finally, she spotted a house across a field and hurried to the front door. Vince and Karen Coker, strangers who lived in the house, took a leap of faith and invited her to stay the night.

The Cokers offered Nikki a change of clothes, a warm bath and a bed to sleep in. "I remember laying in the bed. I felt a little bit safe," Nikki says. "I thought, 'Maybe, maybe they will really help me.'"


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