Jeanne, Amy, Desiree and Nikki say that when Alamo set his sights on a young girl in his congregation, her parents couldn't say no. In fact, some believed becoming one of his spiritual wives was an honor.

"My mom had told me the only person I was going to marry was Tony Alamo," Amy says.

Once Alamo "married" a girl, Jeanne says he used her to fulfill his sexual desires. "Tony Alamo had up to 13 wives. About, I would say, half were minors, and he had had sex with every single one of us," she says. "He preferred the younger ones."

Four days after Alamo exchanged vows with Jeanne, his eighth "wife," she says he made her have sex with him. "I did believe that God was telling him that I was supposed to have sex with him, that I was supposed to be his wife, that anything he asked of me, I was supposed to do," she says.

When Desiree was an 8-year-old little girl who loved playing with dolls, she believed Alamo was a prophet. But, she says, she still felt that what was happening was wrong.

"I just remember Tony bringing me into his room at one point. He laid me on the bed, said the marriage vows, said 'I do,' got a wedding ring, and after that, what actually made it final was, instead of a marriage license, you had sex," Desiree says. "I didn't know about sex. I didn't know about any of that. What kept going through my mind was: 'How can this be right? Isn't this wrong?'"


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