Jeanne says that when she was 15 years old Alamo, who was 59 years old and her pastor at the time, forced her to become his spiritual wife and have sex with him. Amy says Alamo made her say vows and submit to his sexual desires when she was 14.

Then, Alamo did something that reportedly shocked even his most devoted followers. Desiree says Alamo made her his youngest spiritual wife when she was just 8 years old. Desiree says Alamo then forced her to have sex with him.

Nikki says she was 15 years old when she realized Alamo planned to make her his next "wife." Nikki escaped the compound and fled before Alamo had the chance to act.

Jeanne, Amy and Desiree say they lived as Alamo's "wives" for years and endured abuse before they were able to leave. They eventually fled the compound and left the church that once ruled their lives.

Then, in July 2009, these four young women came face-to-face with Alamo once again. This time, in federal court. Despite pressure from family members and friends who still belong to Alamo's church, they testified against their former leader.

A jury found Alamo guilty of transporting minors across state lines with the intent to have sex, and he's now serving 175 years in prison.

Alamo's attorneys are planning to appeal the case.


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