In I Am, Tom says, "There's one fundamental law that all of nature obeys that mankind breaks every day. Now, this is a law that's evolved over billions of years, and the law is this: Nothing in nature takes more than it needs."

In our culture, however, humans often take more than they need by buying large homes, driving expensive cars and living excessively, as Tom says he did.

"We have a term for something in the body when it takes more than its share," Tom says in the documentary. "We call it cancer."

Tom says he didn't want to be a part of that cancer—he wanted to be a part of the healing. "We must lose this cancerous idea that we have to take everything we can," he says.

"But [you're] not saying we have to give up all the stuff," Oprah says, turning to the audience. "He's saying that you look inside yourself and ask the questions of yourself."

"I can judge no one. And my path is different than someone else's," Tom says. "It's a simple life. I haven't given up everything. I don't want to overdramatize this. I simply met myself at my needs."


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