It's hard to imagine the life of a Hollywood A-lister on a Saturday night, but Tom says his weekends are pretty standard. "Saturday night we have dinner, and then it's games. We play Quick Scrabble, and then it's usually movie night. We spend the whole night figuring out what movies we want to see."

The world might see him as a celebrity, but Tom says he's a dad first. "Being a parent, every day it's like 'How did I do? How am I doing?'" he says. "When they were little I made a promise, I said, 'No matter what, if I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it.' That has a been a solid thing. ... That paid off."
All fathers have a dream for their families, and Tom says his is a simple one. "[I hope] that they find out what gives them pleasure in their work, so that it's not work, and that they're happy," he says. "I want them to produce in life and help society."


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