Celine Dion


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"Happy 20th anniversary, Oprah," congratulates Celine Dion. "I just want you to know how lucky I am that I know you, as an artist, as a friend. I love you very much—I am a big fan of yours. To count you as a friend of mine is something incredible. You're such an inspiration. I love you!

"When you went to Africa, it was something very touching knowing that a lot of those kids, they walked for two days and more than that without shoes to get to that party. It made such a difference in their lives, giving them hope and something to cuddle and something to bring back to their own soul and heart. Through your shows you've changed the perspective of the world, you've changed so many wonderful things. You give hope to people—that's tremendous, extraordinary.

"The show that I remember most was when you brought my whole family on the show. I was talking with you and you said, 'We have a surprise for you.' I turn around and my 13 brothers and sisters and both my parents appeared. You flew them in and that was an incredible moment for me and I'll never forget. I love you a lot—you stay well. Congratulations!"