What To Do if You're in Shark Infested Waters

There's nothing more terrifying than watching someone you love being attacked by a killer—especially when that predator is a ferocious shark. Here are some ways you might outwit this "killing machine":
  • The best thing you can do is not panic. Every ounce of your willpower and every ounce of your strength must go to fighting for your life.
  • If a shark has a hold on your body, one of the most vulnerable places you can hit it is in the gills.
  • Keeping aware of what's happening to you and fighting the shark is the best way to avoid being overcome. Just like a person, a shark can be persuaded to stop attacking you if you connect with it in a place that will cause the shark pain.
Please note: If you have access to a phone, always call 911 for assistance. The information regarding safety and survival tips are suggestions only. There is no guarantee that these suggested techniques will prevent injury or death.


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