What To Do if a Rapist is Trying to Attack You

The statistics are staggering. One in four women in America will be raped during her lifetime. If you find yourself alone with someone trying to attack, sexually assault or rape you, the best thing you can do is take charge of the situation. Start with these ideas:
  • First, women should not walk alone at night. Even if you have a cellular phone with you, you leave yourself vulnerable. On college campuses, women are sometimes targeted by sexual predators. It's important to be alert and to have a plan before anything happens to you.
  • Making a lot of noise is a good idea—you never know who might be in the area and could come to your rescue.
  • When fighting an attacker, go for the parts of his body that are vulnerable: his eyes and privates. If you can get the person to release you with both his hands, that is your opportunity to get away.
  • The only time you might not want to fight back is if you are in an area where no one can hear you and you have a knife at your throat—submission may be more prudent. You can recover from being raped, but you won't recover from being murdered. Listen to your instincts.
Please note: If you have access to a phone, always call 911 for assistance. The information regarding safety and survival tips are suggestions only. There is no guarantee that these suggested techniques will prevent injury or death.


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