What To Do if You're Impaled by an Object

Dr. Lisa Masterson is an ob/gyn at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She's also a medical expert for Lifetime's What Should You Do? Dr. Masterson says that you should follow these guidelines if you ever find yourself impaled by an object:
  • Do not move or remove the object. Removing the object can cause more damage to the organs and could cause you to bleed to death.
  • If the object doesn't create a seal on its own, try to control the bleeding by wrapping towels around it and applying pressure with your hands.
  • When in a trauma situation with a pregnant woman, tend to the mother first. Saving the mother will save the baby, since she is the source of life for the fetus.
Please note: If you have access to a phone, always call 911 for assistance. The information regarding safety and survival tips are suggestions only. There is no guarantee that these suggested techniques will prevent injury or death.


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