Along with her job co-hosting The View, Sherri has been busy planning her upcoming Chicago wedding to her fiancé, Lamar Sally. Sherri's even including her friends from The View in her nuptials—Barbara is throwing her shower, and Elisabeth is one of her eight bridesmaids.

Sherri jokes that she has just one simple request for the shower Barbara is planning—a stripper named Chocolate Thunder. "Barbara looked at me and said, 'I don't do that,'" Sherri says. "But I'm hoping that maybe we could combine a bachelorette party and the bridal shower in together. While we're sipping tea, we get Chocolate Thunder coming out."

"I'll get Chocolate Thunder for you," Elisabeth jokes. "And Chocolate Lightning!"

Sherri isn't the first co-host of The View to talk about her wedding planning adventures. In 2004, Star Jones was criticized for talking too much on air about her upcoming wedding. But Sherri says she isn't worried she's going down the same controversial road as Star. "When I talk about my wedding, if you know my spirit and you know my heart, then you're going to be with me. If you don't like it and you want to compare and to lump us all into one basket, then that's on you," she says. "I'm in love and I want to share it. I'm having fun."


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