Whoopi says moderating The View is the first steady, everyday job she's had. "I'm having a good time," she says. "I'm constantly in trouble because the minute you say something and put it out there, then someone's always offended and I don't mind that, because it is called The View. It's a constant struggle of remembering not to get in trouble. We can have a spirited discussion about abortion and then talk about French ticklers. We can have President Obama on and Snookie."

Recently, Whoopi spoke on The View about her struggle with drug addiction, saying that she was at one point a "functioning drug addict." She says she doesn't regret making that statement. "I feel that sometimes experience trumps assumption," she says. "I could speak to what we were talking about. It was Charlie Sheen and how he was able to perform and still go and have that other life, and I knew how it worked because I had done it for years."


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