This is Barbara's fourth appearance on The Oprah Show. Her first was in April 1984, when Oprah was hosting the local show AM Chicago and had only been on the air a few months. At the time, Oprah told her audience, "Here I am today, I think, because I pretended to be Barbara Walters for the first year of my broadcasting career in television and look where it got me."

Barbara says she always remembers that. "I have said from that day when you said you imitated me, I want you to know, I am totally responsible for your career," Barbara says jokingly.

As the co-creator and backbone of The View, Barbara has been the grand dame of the show since its inception. "It's very successful and I'm grateful for that," she says. "My daughter said it shows people that I have a sense of humor. When I was just doing 20/20, I was the authority figure. I was the one asking the questions. The View showed people that I was human and it also allowed me, to some degree, to give opinions.

In May 2010, Barbara had a heart valve replaced, but at 81, she says she's feeling great. "I've never been better or stronger," she says.


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