Music icon Michael Jackson, Oscar®-winning actor Heath Ledger and former child star Corey Haim all shared the same tragic fate—untimely deaths caused by suspected drug use. And they're not alone.

With a reported 6 million prescription pill addicts in America, Dr. Oz says it's the most underappreciated problem in this country. Most people know someone who's been affected by drug abuse, but no one ever imagined this health epidemic would infiltrate a wholesome American institution like the Miss USA Pageant.

In 2006, this is exactly what happened. Shortly after being crowned Miss USA, Tara Conner's unbecoming behavior began to make headlines. The media ran reports of Tara's underage drinking and drug abuse, as well as scandalous photos of this blonde beauty queen.

Then, eight months into her yearlong reign, Tara tested positive for cocaine. When business mogul Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss USA organization, called a press conference, everyone—including Tara—expected him to strip Tara of her crown.

Instead, Donald offered her a second chance. Tara agreed to go to rehab.

Now, Tara is ready to speak publicly about her path of self-destruction and drug addiction.


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