Comedian Chris Rock

For the second year in a row, we're making history. The Oprah Winfrey Show is the only TV show other than the Oscars® to broadcast from the Oscar® stage! And fresh from his big night hosting the Oscars®...Chris Rock!

Oprah: So have you been to bed?

Chris: I guess I got a little bit of sleep. I've got kids. But Prince had a little party at his house and he was playing.

Oprah: I thought you did great! Were you nervous at all?

Chris: I was really nervous, especially the first five, six minutes, but then once the show started going, you just keep it going.
Chris Rock

It was a historic moment when Chris Rock came out on stage to host the 77th Academy Awards®. Oprah says she found herself nervous for him!

Oprah: Did you do something to calm yourself?

Chris: You know what's really funny? I yell at myself. I come out of my body and start smacking myself, "Boy, you better go out there and do that!" I become my dad.

Oprah: You've got the critics saying you were dangerous, you weren't dangerous enough. I wanted more of you in it!

Chris: Well, I'm just the host of the show. ... Maybe one day I'll be nominated and host.
Chris Rock on Jude Law

At least one of Chris Rock's jokes caused a little bit of tension. He joked: "There's only four real stars. The rest are just popular people. If you want Tom Cruise and all you can get is Jude Law...wait. It's not the same thing. Who is Jude Law? Why is he in every movie I've seen the last four years? He's in everything! Even the movies he's not acting in, if you look at the credits, he made cupcakes or something!" Later in the evening when Sean Penn presented, he defended Jude Law.

Oprah: All the talk this morning is about Jude Law and Sean Penn coming out saying, "Jude Law is one of our finest actors..."

Chris: It's just a joke! Jude Law probably made a "scillion" dollars this year. I'd never hit a person that's down. Jude Law's fine! I'll go see another Jude Law movie; maybe he'll put me in one of his movies.

Oprah: Would you host again?

Chris: I hope they would want me again.
Jamie Foxx and Oprah

Double nominee and now Academy Award® winner for Best Actor, Jamie Foxx talks with Oprah about his big night.

Oprah: So you haven't been to bed?

Jamie: No, not yet. I was partying a little bit.

Oprah: From now on, whenever you're introduced, people will say, "Academy Award® Winner Jamie Foxx."

Jamie: Yeah, I'm going to use it, too. Even when I'm trying to get into the clubs.
Jamie Foxx

In the moments before Jamie's name was called, his 11-year-old daughter had words of support. "Dad, if you don't get it," she said, "it doesn't mean that you're not a great actor."

"I started leaking right there," Jamie says, pointing to where a tear ran down his cheek. "She's only 11, but she has so much [in her head]. ... She has something that I cannot put my finger on. She's an old soul."
Jamie Foxx

Jamie thanks Oprah for her encouragement at the ceremony. "You have no idea how incredible it was to have you behind me," he tells Oprah. "Every time I looked back there was that energy."

Before Jamie's award was announced, Oprah handed him a tissue. "I'm thinking," Jamie says, "'Does she think I'm going to cry?' But she said, 'Give me that gum!' And then she said something very special. She said, 'When you go up there, let us be proud when we look back on this day.'"
Jamie Foxx and Oprah

"You were already famous," Oprah tells Jamie. "But now you're in the position of Academy Award® winner famous. You're one of the most eligible bachelors. They all want to know: Are you single?"

Jamie looks meaningfully at Oprah and replies with a twinkle in his eye, "I am single, Oprah. You know how I feel about you."
Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank was crowned Oscar's® golden girl last night as she took home her second Academy Award® for her role in Million Dollar Baby!

Oprah: Was it as good the second time?

Hilary: Yes. It was...I'm just as speechless and in awe. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Seriously. Still, it hasn't hit me. My first one hasn't even hit me!

Oprah: That was a role of a lifetime.

Hilary: I thought with Boys Don't Cry it was a role of a lifetime. And I thought once in a lifetime. Once. But to get that other opportunity [with Million Dollar Baby]...I guess I try and take it all in.
Hilary Swank

Oprah: Were you able to live the moment as well as be in there in the moment?

Hilary: I was really in the moment. I made sure that on the red carpet I was in the moment; I wasn't thinking about "later." In my seat...I tried to be really present when everyone else was getting their award. I wasn't thinking, "Well, how many is it away?" I was just trying to take them in and appreciate them...Honestly, it was an out-of-body experience.
Hilary Swank and Oprah

For her Million Dollar Night, Hilary wore a gorgeous Guy Laroche jersey gown with a very deep plunging back.

Oprah: Let's talk about your body in that dress! I said to you back stage, "Coming and going!"

Hilary: From the front it was like, "Hi, yeah, I'm a serious actress. (As she turns around) But wait a minute, maybe not!"

Oprah: Was it a long process for you, picking the dress?

Hilary: You know what? I tried on a few dresses and it just was the one that felt good. I put it on and it felt good. I thought it was going to be chilly and so it was long sleeve...and air conditioned in all the right places!
Hilary Swank and Oprah

Hilary and her mother came to the show last month and talked about how Hilary got started in Hollywood. Oprah says Hilary is one of the most authentic people she has ever met.

"Your realness so came through," Oprah says. "And your mother's story of standing in the trailer park...and packing up and coming to Hollywood and sleeping in your car. And last night you stood up on this stage and said you're just a girl from a trailer park with a dream!"
Gayle King and Oprah

Oprah's best friend Gayle King had a primo spot on the red carpet—up close and personal with some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Julia Roberts and Salma Hayek!

"I still get a big a kick out of seeing everybody walk up the red carpet," Gayle says. "I hate to sound like a drooling fan, but it was really fun to see everybody. It was great!"

See Gayle's candid interviews on the red carpet and backstage!
Isaac Mizrahi's best-dressed list

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi gives his best-dressed list for the 77th Academy Awards®. Of course Isaac says Oprah looked very cute in her Vera Wang dress, and there really was no "worst" dressed according to Isaac. "The stylists are really doing their job!"
Most daring: Beyoncé. "It was like fashion parade. I love her. Her hair was good. Here and there, she made a mistake of the 4,000 things she wore—like a lot of jewelry at one point. But the makeup change, and the hair change? It was like a pit stop at Nascar!"

Best dressed:
  • The #3 Best Dressed Actress: Julia Roberts
    in her first public appearance since the birth of her twins. Isaac says, "Now she's eternal without being old. She's still fresh and gorgeous, but she's the Julia Roberts. I mean, 100 years from now, [people will say] Greta Garbo, Julia Roberts, right?"
  • The #2 Best Dressed Actress: Kate Winslet
    "She's real. Sexy. Sometimes she's a little overweight and then she takes it off, and it's like, 'Right on sister!' And I love her in blue—blue is the new black."
  • And the #1 Best Dressed Actress: Hilary Swank
    "She looked amazing. Not only is she a great actress, she has a beautiful butt."
Architectural Digest' decorated the Kodak Theatre's green room

Thanks to our friends at Target for sponsoring this huge extravaganza! We'd also like to thank the Academy®, the Kodak Theatre, producer Gil Cates and his team, and Architectural Digest for allowing us to use their custom created green room!

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