Chris Rock on Jude Law

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At least one of Chris Rock's jokes caused a little bit of tension. He joked: "There's only four real stars. The rest are just popular people. If you want Tom Cruise and all you can get is Jude Law...wait. It's not the same thing. Who is Jude Law? Why is he in every movie I've seen the last four years? He's in everything! Even the movies he's not acting in, if you look at the credits, he made cupcakes or something!" Later in the evening when Sean Penn presented, he defended Jude Law.

Oprah: All the talk this morning is about Jude Law and Sean Penn coming out saying, "Jude Law is one of our finest actors..."

Chris: It's just a joke! Jude Law probably made a "scillion" dollars this year. I'd never hit a person that's down. Jude Law's fine! I'll go see another Jude Law movie; maybe he'll put me in one of his movies.

Oprah: Would you host again?

Chris: I hope they would want me again.