Isaac Mizrahi's best-dressed list

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Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi gives his best-dressed list for the 77th Academy Awards®. Of course Isaac says Oprah looked very cute in her Vera Wang dress, and there really was no "worst" dressed according to Isaac. "The stylists are really doing their job!"
Most daring: Beyoncé. "It was like fashion parade. I love her. Her hair was good. Here and there, she made a mistake of the 4,000 things she wore—like a lot of jewelry at one point. But the makeup change, and the hair change? It was like a pit stop at Nascar!"

Best dressed:
  • The #3 Best Dressed Actress: Julia Roberts
    in her first public appearance since the birth of her twins. Isaac says, "Now she's eternal without being old. She's still fresh and gorgeous, but she's the Julia Roberts. I mean, 100 years from now, [people will say] Greta Garbo, Julia Roberts, right?"
  • The #2 Best Dressed Actress: Kate Winslet
    "She's real. Sexy. Sometimes she's a little overweight and then she takes it off, and it's like, 'Right on sister!' And I love her in blue—blue is the new black."
  • And the #1 Best Dressed Actress: Hilary Swank
    "She looked amazing. Not only is she a great actress, she has a beautiful butt."