Even though there is a lot wrong with the school system in America, some schools are offering hope.

"Imagine this," Oprah says. "A school where high school freshmen, reading at a fourth-grade level, can jump ahead five grades in a single school year. Or a school where teachers stay until 11 at night to help children with their homework, and where children say school is like a second family to them."

These are the types of things that are happening in Aspire Public Schools, LEARN Charter Schools, YES Prep Public Schools, Mastery Charter Schools, New Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy, and Denver School of Science and Technology—six high-performing charter schools that are raising the bar and inspiring a love of learning.

Learn more about these six outstanding schools.

"We invited the founders, the principals and teachers from those six innovative schools," Oprah says. "They are the real-life superheroes of education."

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